Find stability through movement
The Benefits of Pilates

The Benefits of Pilates

“Change happens through movement, and movement heals”

Joseph Pilates

We all live a far too hectic lifestyle and in order to gain any balance and calm, we need to work with our body. Pilates helps to do just that, using exercises to bring us into our very core to stabilise and strengthen us for whatever lies ahead. So many of our aches and pains are our bodies trying to tell us to pay attention. Most of the time, we need to strengthen and stretch in order to release the pain that sticks around for so long.

I believe through movement, we can become balanced in ourselves and our bodies.

Joseph Pilates created this work so every body could feel freedom of movement. Pilates is not only a discipline in itself, it supports every other physical discipline, improving alignment, breathing and core strength. Pilates has many functions to it and has developed over the years through the incredible First Generation Teachers that studied under Joseph and Clara Pilates. One such teacher was Ron Fletcher who carried the Pilates work to the west coast of the USA in 1971. It is his discipline of Pilates that I study.

I created Movement Pilates to share the body wisdom I discovered through Pilates and the benefits it brought me, including:

  • Connecting with and learning to listen to the wisdom my body holds.
  • Strength and stability I never thought I could achieve before.
  • Respect and appreciation for the resilience of my mind and body.
  • Feeling calmer and more centred in my every day life.
  • More in command of my mind when faced with challenges.

Taking the Fletcher Pilates principles into my life has helped me to navigate challenging times and provides me with the health and vitality to allow my mind and body to experience life with less resistance than before. I am truly grateful for the freedom this work has given me to fully enjoy life.

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