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Movement Pilates

Movement Pilates

Discover wisdom through movement


Welcome to Movement Pilates!

I founded Movement Pilates with the dream of sharing the mind and body benefits Pilates brought me, with others. Pilates helps to allow the body to heal, rebalance and is a great support discipline to any sport. I teach for BodyMap London where you can find a full schedule of classes, have a fantastic email list with video resources and recorded classes that you can take any time, and I am available for private appointments.

If you have any questions please drop me an email. I’d love to hear from you.


Find ease in your body, balance energy and release tension and stress. Pilates exercises support any lifestyle and are especially good for those who spend their working time at a desk. Our bodies are designed...


Develop movement and mobility in the spine, strengthen and stabilise your core. Pilates strengthens from the core, increasing longevity of our bodies. It’s the perfect partner exercise to any sport or movement discipline.


All classes are small, designed to allow complete focus on individual development needs. Private sessions are also available if you wish to focus on a specific area.

Join me for Pilates online

Join me for class online from the comfort of your living room with BodyMap London. We have a full schedule of classes from Pilates to Barre to Yoga from a team of fantastic teachers.


Love these pilates classes. Ise knows what she is talking about and listens to what you want to get out of the classes too. I felt stretched, strengthened and fabulous after my Movement pilates class. About to book in for my next one!

Kayla C.

My private class with Ise was so inspiring and nourishing, she has an incredible way to cue the posture and allow my body to sink in deeply.  Her way of communication and space holding was so healing and I have found a new love for Pilates. I can highly recommend working with her.

Tish S.

I saw some friends recommend Ise's pilates classes and so I enquired about attending evening classes. I am a mum of two and really wanted to be able to focus on some time for myself and my body in the evenings. Ise chatted with me to arrange a suitable time and gave me a wonderful 1:1 classes over zoom - she is very detailed and explains everything in an easy to follow manner. She watched my form closely and it really did not feel any different to attending a class in person. There was lots of opportunity to ask questions and Ise was very conscious to keep checking in on how my body was feeling. It was great to do it from my living room and no commute to the class! Thank you Ise, I will definitely continue with you!

Louise M.

28 Days of Pilates Challenge

Join the Movement Pilates network to access my free 28 Day Pilates Challenge. Just follow the Topic when you join and take part in your own time. All videos are recorded and come with an explanation and focus for the class. I hope you enjoy! See what one participant said about the challenge below.

“I started the 28 days feeling week and with bad lower back pain. As the month went on I realised I was starting to use my muscles different, turning on my tummy muscles more, rather than compensating with others which were making my back worse. I feel stronger for doing this and have really noticed a difference! My back pain has almost gone and I plan to continue practicing beyond the 28 days.”

A. Pettit


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